Fastest time to drink 500ml water

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    we did it after a lot of practice
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About This Challenge

The fastest time to drink 500ml water is 2.35 seconds, achieved by Lorcan Carroll (Ireland), in Glenageary, Ireland, on 16 April 2012.

Challenge Rules

  • You should use a clear glass of at least 500ml in capacity, filled with 500ml water. A clearly marked measuring cup/beaker needs to be placed on a flat surface to confirm the volume of water prior to the attempt.
  • You may optionally add a small amount of juice/squash to flavour the water.
  • No spillages are allowed!
  • The time starts when you put the glass to your lips, and finishes when you set down the empty glass.
  • As with all consumption record challenges, we strongly recommend you do not attempt this multiple times in one day


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  1. th3-s0lid-snak3's pictureth3-s0lid-snak3


    So the real record is 1.50 seconds, in that case i am gunna try to beat this, i know that the top 3 records are all faked and 2 of them were done by the same people in an attempt to troll everybody.

  2. dan's picturedan


    Hey everyone, please make sure that it is clear in your video the correct amount of water is being used.

    For a great example of this being done, see the 10.71 second entry from "theultimate1"

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