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  1. virentandel9's picturevirentandel9


    Hi Annie, I'm Viren Tandel from India. I had suggested An attempt for 'Most Bounces Of A Shuttle #!$% On a Badminton Racket' on 13th July, but still it is not reviewed. How much time it will take? Please give some approx time.
    And i have one more query that if the suggestion is approved than will it automatically be a world record?
    I am asking this because i had also beaten the suggested record again and i had commented link of the youtube video there.

    The link of suggested attempt:

    Thank You.

  2. shawn9iscool's pictureshawn9iscool


    Annie Would This Be A Possibility For A Record: Annie Could You Possibly make this a challengers record? I know I can beat it, and its already a category! :)
    Also Can You Check With The Store To See If They're Still Thinking about frames

  3. zaheerchand's picturezaheerchand


    why cant I attempt anything? every time I click on GO TO MY ATTEMPT it doesn't work... it just freezes my Pc! somebody help me please!

  4. zaheerchand's picturezaheerchand


    wats up guys! i am ready to return to challengers and attempt more records! yaaay! this is going to be awesome! i will be attempting the 'fastest time to travel 5 meters by a rubber band propelled car'..... lets hope i get the record! :) :D are there any specifications for this record or not, can someone please help me?

    1. zaheerchand's picturezaheerchand


      ok... but please let me attempt it on challengers cuz i have a pretty awesome attempt to upload.... :) pppplllleeeeaaassseeeeeee! :) :D

  5. iumair86's pictureiumair86


    Hi Annie can u check I'm still waiting to adjudicate my attempt most bubble gum bubbles blown in 1min it's been 3 weeks now.

  6. lewis7557's picturelewis7557


    I have broken this record........."The Fastest Lap of Laguna Seca - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) is 59.00 seconds"

    When do I get my GB certificate ...? It's now over a month. Please let me know how long you have to wait for ?

  7. upadhyayadinesh's pictureupadhyayadinesh


    Congratulation to Mr. Ashrita Furman for hitting double century (200) of current Guinness world records.
    Ashrita Sir's ever increasing GWR nos. reaches 551+.
    He is always inspiration to me.

  8. silvio.sabba's picturesilvio.sabba


    Most Pistols squat on 3 kitchen knives

    1. annie's pictureannieTeam


      Hi there! Don't think this can be done on Challengers! Sorry Silvio! I'm looking at other record titles though that can be done for Challengers. If there are any other ones in the suggestions list you like, please forward them along.

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