What is Challengers? How do I use the site?

Challengers is an online record-breaking community, where you can take on real Guinness World Records from your own home, and potentially earn yourself an official world record certificate!

Once you're signed up and logged in to Challengers, you can browse through various record challenges, then find one you want to have a go at. When you have, read the simple rules, and film yourself having a go. Upload this with your score, and if you beat the current record, you just might become a new Guinness World Records title holder!

Are you up to the challenge? Then get breaking records today!

How do I enter challenges?

Once you've signed up for an account, and found a challenge you'd like to attempt on the site (browse challenges here), take a look at the rules and make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Then, film a video of your attempt, and get the video file of this onto your computer. Now go back to the challenge in question, and click the "Have a go" button, to upload your attempt video to the challenge – good luck!

Can you give me some advice on what to include in my attempt videos/what free video editing software I can use/what video file formats are acceptable?

If you've got any questions at all about what to include (film) in your attempt videos, what to edit them with, copyright, file sizes/types/formats, these content and upload guidelines should answer all your questions.

However if you're still confused after reading those, please do ask a question on our discussion board or send a feedback email.

What is verification? How does my entry become "verified"?

When you upload an attempt, we need to make sure that you've gotten the score you say you did. So, whenever you upload an entry, one of the Challengers team will watch it and make sure the score you gave is what really happened in the video, and that all the necessary rules were followed.

Please note this is a separate process from adjudication – your video becoming “verified” does not mean you have broken a world record.

Can I get a Guinness World Record for my entry on Challengers?


If your entry breaks the current record, and is deemed to follow all the necessary rules in one of our weekly adjudications, you will become a new Guinness World Records title holder – and even receive an official certificate to prove it!

How do adjudications work on Challengers?

An adjudication is when one of GWR's highly trained adjudicators watches your attempt carefully, to verify you've obeyed all of the relevant rules and guidelines, and have gotten the score you say you did. If you have indeed broken or set a new record, you'll be recognised as a new record-holder, and even be sent a certificate in the post, absolutely free of charge!

Adjudications take place on a weekly basis, with the latest videos being reviewed by our team every Tuesday.

How can I suggest a new record challenge?

We will regularly be adding new record challenges to Challengers, and would love to hear your input on the kinds of records you'd like to attempt next.

You can suggest a new record challenge by uploading a video to our suggestions area. Please give as much detail as you can about your suggestion. Remember that a record must be measurable, breakable, and easy enough to attempt at home, to be suitable for Challengers

We'll review these frequently, and the best and most popular ones will be added to the site in future!

Will (feature) be added to GWR Challengers?

It could very well be added in the future - if you have any ideas/suggestions for the team at GWR Challengers, please do submit them to us by sending a feedback email, or posting on the [[discussion board]].

We'll read all suggestions you give, and let you know what we think and when you might expect to see this feature added if it's in the pipeline.

What are the rules, what I am allowed to say/do on Challengers?

First off, thanks for asking first rather than risking getting yourself into trouble!

In general, we just want everyone to be friendly and get along with each other - For some more specific examples, we’ve written some fairly comprehensive community guidelines, which should answer all of your questions.

However if there's anything you're still wondering about, please do ask on our discussion board, or send Annie a message.

I'm already registered on guinnessworldrecords.com - can I reuse my login/link my account to Challengers?

I'm afraid not - Challengers and the traditional Guinness World Records application process are completely different systems, and so you need to sign-up again here to use Challengers.

Don't worry though - all you need is a username, email address, and password, it won't take any time at all!

Can I change my account username / email address?

I'm afraid we don't allow you to change your username on Challengers - it could become very confusing for everyone if you did this regularly!

At this point in time you cannot change the email address associated with your Challengers account, however this may be possible in the future.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, follow these steps:

1 - Click "Menu" in the top-right hand corner of the page.

2 - Click "Edit Profile" in the dropdown.

3 - Type in your desired new password in the two boxes under "Change your password".

I'm having a technical problem, what can I do?

That sounds like something our crack tech team of Simon and Richard should have a look at!

To report such an issue, send us a feedback email. Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible, including what you did, what you thought should have happened, and what actually happened, and let us know what web browser you're using. Add a screenshot if this helps illustrate the issue.

We'll then either fix the problem if it's a bug in our code, or offer advice on what you can do if the problem lies on your end.

How can we advertise our brand on Challengers?

We’d love to add branded record challenges to Guinness World Records Challengers, where our users can attempt records involving your brand, and maybe even earn themselves some neat prizes (as well as new world records!) in the process.

If you'd like to discuss advertising/partnership opportunities on Challengers, please email us with your needs and any suggestions you have, and we'll be in touch shortly:

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