Worlds Fastest Karate Punch (133 Milliseconds)

Suggestion status: Not suitable for Challengers

While this is a record category that may be of interest to us, it is not suitable for adjudication here on Challengers at this time. Please make a claim through our standard application process at:

  • Description of challenge

    The current record that I (Luke Miller) have set has been clocked at 133 milliseconds on impact as the fastest karate punch out of the set of punches. TO GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS: I have uploaded the 2 attempts that day in school hours straight off the camera with full quality so it can be downloaded and analysed in milliseconds on: I want an official from guinness world records to create a dropbox account and give me the email you used to create that account so I can share that email adress to my folder my attemps are located and up for download. After that has been done my folder should be located in your drop box, click the folder called 'Guinness World Record Attempts' and download files 'Attempt 1' and 'Attempt 2' Target holder: Name: Lynden Bullow Email: Time keeper: Name: Jordan Thaxter Puncher: Name: Luke Miller Email:

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  • Suggested Guidelines

    1. Perform a 'front stance' position in karate 2. The Punch should start at your hips on through to a full extension punch at a target 3. The punch must end at head hight then come straight back to the hip 4. You must time the punch in a editor from the moment your fist moves apart from your body to punch 5. You must hit a target with with a moderately extended arm 6. There must be a timer in the background to show that it is not sped up 7. If you 'pump': drop your fists before you punch, the time of your punch starts there also. 8. Do it as fast as you can then have it timed frame by frame with an editor in milliseconds, if you can't do that send the video to me or upload it to youtube so I can give you the times of your punch. 10. Email me for your claim if you have broken this record: I also wanted to make note that MPH or KPH is not effective and wont be accepted for this record as it's not a measurement of the whole punch. Also note that John Ozuna's claim should be investigated further due to the miss calculation his record poses; here is the conspiracy in regards to that on YouTube:

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    Hi there, for a record such as this one, you'll need to apply through our standard claims process, which you can find here:

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      Clearly I have what it takes to set the record. However it doesn't meet alot of those requirements. Read the description.

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