Most consecutive one-armed back of hand push-ups

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  • Description of challenge

    This record was organized by Georgian Records Federation and was broadcast live on the internet. Ioseb Khutsishvili performed 55 consecutive one armed back of hand push-ups and improved previous record with 26 points. Previous record belongs Guillaume Bourgeois with 29 push-ups and accepted by the RecordSetter World Records. The event was attended by the media representatives. Ioseb Khutsishvili’s record was witnessed by the Founder and President of Georgian Records Federation, Coordinator of Assist World Records in Georgia, 4-th world record record holder David Begiashvili, the Co-founder and Secretary-General of Georgian Records Federation – world record holder Mamuka Ormotsadze and Co-founder of Georgian Records Federation, world Sambo champion - Vakhtang Sarajishvili.

  • Suggested Guidelines

    Rules: - must be performed on a concrete surface; - arms must lock at the peak of the push-up; - elbows must be bent 90 degrees at the base of the push-up; - partially completed push-ups will be deducted from final tally.

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    Hi there, thanks for your suggestion, however I'm afraid this does not beat our current record in this category:

    The most push-ups with one arm using the back of the hand in one minute is 59 and was set by Doug Pruden (Canada) at West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 24 March 2007.

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