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  1. Attempt for challenge: Highest score on the 'helicopter game' (Flash game)

    bonboy's attempt
    53rd out of 75
  2. Attempt for challenge: Most M&M's/Smarties eaten in one minute using chopsticks

    bonboy's attempt
    2nd out of 7
  3. Attempt for challenge: Highest score on Bejeweled Blitz (Flash game)

    bonboy's attempt
    27th out of 36

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  1. giftbaby4u's picturegiftbaby4u


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  2. Pogoboy's picturePogoboy


    Hey Bonboy,

    I've read your comments on the category for the "most pushups with claps in one minute" and I agree with you that most of the videos don't follow all of the rules. But I'd suggest that you attempt this record again by performing it the same way that the 1st place video demonstrates it. Good Luck! :)

    1. Pogoboy's picturePogoboy


      Hey Bonboy,

      DISREGARD MY OTHER MESSAGE!!! Dan said that those videos that don't follow the rules will not be considered even if the count is high enough to beat it. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. luke's pictureluke


    Hey there, we've had some issues behind the scenes. Should be a lot quicker from now on, sorry about that.

  4. luke's pictureluke


    Why not try this!

  5. peter's picturepeter


    Hi bonboy,

    Good to find you on our new site... hope you like it!

    Check out some of our challenges, and use the feedback tab to suggest some new ones!

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